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Sports Flooring:

(Basketball, running, dance, fitness, tennis, badminton etc.) MG Corporation Make a full range of sports flooring systems. Our flooring systems are appropriate for all circumstances and could be installed both outdoors & indoors. MG polyurethane sports floorings are well-known for their guaranteed highest quality for every types of sports in all possible climates across the world. The high slip resistance and also the outstanding wear resistance create the PU Sports system the correct choice for many sports persons.


Surface Preparation: Surface should be dry, clean, free of any defects and load-tolerant. Any oil, wax, grease, water repellant, easily detachable and loose parts and dust on the surface, which may impair adhesion force, should be cleaned off and removed by floor planer. Surface should be primed and, if required, roughened mechanically.

Strength: Mechanically, it resists against mechanical effect of medium to high load. And thermally, it resists up to +80°C@humid temperature (without any chemical and mechanical effect) and up to+120°C@dry temperature.

Application Conditions:

Maximum ambient humidity should be 80%.
Ambient temperature should be between 10-30 °C.
If it applied outdoors, it should not be rainy 24 hours before and after and during the Application.
Surface temperature should be 3°C above the then dew point.
temperature-Ambient Moisture-Dew Point table.)
Temperature of INNOPUR SPORTSELF should be between 15-25 °C.

Surface Application: After made ready to apply, the mixture is preferably applied by toothed trowelin amount specified in the paint system or in such amount to obtain the desired dry film thickness as controlled by wet film comb. Wait time between the coats is minimum 24 hours (20°C) and maximum5 days.


About Polyurethane Sports Flooring:

long life-cycle
Easily maintain
Ease to renovate if necessary
Optimal ball bounce
Available standard colors. Other colors are available
Seamless & Optimum Ball Bounce
Highest slip resistance
Maximum wear resistance
Optimal shock absorption


High hardness with resistance
Flexibility & Elasticity
Unlimited design possibilities.
High quality chemical resistance to acids.
High resistance scratching with mate surface
Easy to clean

Continuous Quality:

We stand for constant quality. This guarantee is significant for both our clients and for us. We are a developer, producer as well as supplier. This permits us to keep a close eye on the whole production procedure of our floorings step by step and also guarantee the maximum possible product quality for everything we develop and supply.

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