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Protective Coating

Protective Coating (ETP)

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) it’s totally widespread range of protective coatings has provide to the standard quality long lasting technology has stood time tested protection of the structures all over the Bangladesh. ETP Protective Coating Is a 300-micron thickness protective coating protect the surface form erosion it’s a chemical barrier of concrete from the high voltage chemical reaction & simple to apply by roller, brush and spray. Popular color is black in Bangladesh.
Our large number range of products, combined with expert knowledge experience of our individuals, from buildings to bridges, primary & secondary concrete containment.

Protective Coating Performance:

Protective Coating is Rapid cure, chemical, abrasion resistant, concrete primary and also secondary containment linings. Poly urea outperforms traditional coatings in wastewater treatment plus Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) as a safe coating. It’s simple to spray apply, rapid cure also resist UV light used to destroy bacteria.

Why Use Protective Coating:

  • Protective Coating is Budget effective and exact solutions
  • Widespread product portfolio choice
  • Easy applied systems
  • Used modern technologies for ensuring long term durability
  • We have World number 1 brands
  • Give technical guidance for customer service
  • Complementary sealant portfolio for mutual structural durability
  • This Coating is Capable to tolerate maximum 400 degree Fahrenheit
  • Long lasting, Durable, trusted product for treatment tank
  • Green certified plus low volatile organic compound (VOC) products
  • Accord Board Certified

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