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SHUTREX 406Mould Release agent is a water based ready to use emulsion with excellent form release properties. SHUTREX is non-staining and is suitable for concrete containing off-white cement, it allows high-precision release with thin coating. It has excellent drying performance and prevents moulds from becoming contaminated, reducing the number of mold cleaning cycles.

SHUTREX 406 is applied to mould and shutter faces prior to casting concrete in order to obtain a clean and easy release and to achieve a smooth, honey comb and blow holes free, hard, uniform finish concrete.

FEATURES SHUTREX 406 allows air to escape from the face when the concrete is poured and vibrated. Normally such air gets trapped and makes air pockets which cause imperfection and necessitating remedial work. The chemical reaction between SHUTREX 406 and cement in concrete produces a strongly hydrophobic surface. This ripples surplus water at the interface with the mould and preserves uniformity of surface texture and colour.

easily applied.
Easy and efficient stripping of forms.
Excellent Release Properties and Fast Air Cure
Have excellent wetting properties.
Allows easy removal of shuttering.
Does not stain concrete.
Can be used with white cement.
Economical and ready to use.
Ready to use
Reusable – Molds can be used over and over again.
Water based and therefore environmentally friendly.
VOC comply.

APPLICATION FIELD SHUTREX 406 is designed agent for application to moulds and forms for concrete pre castings and on-site pours and it works well with plywood, timber, steel and plastic faced formwork and moulds, prior to casting concrete, to ensure a clean and easy release.


SHUTREX 406 Can be applied by Spray, brush or roller. SHUTREX 406 has similar viscosity in both hot and cold weathers, and can be using similar tips and settings year round. The mold surface must be clean and free of any release agent or other contaminants for SHUTREX 406 to be completely effective. Remove any contaminants with suitable cleaning agent .Remove previous build up of concrete, rust, scale and dirt, and repair any holes or fractures from previous use before applying. SHUTREX 406 is ready to use direct from its container. It shouldn’t be diluted and applied as thinly and evenly as possible for optimum performance on to clean and dry surfaces. It can be applied to all types of form works by spray. Roller , brush or absorbent applicator. Any excess should be mopped up. For the best and most economical performance, application by mist spray is recommended. SHUTREX 406 must be allowed to dry on the forms prior to pouring concrete

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