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Fair Face Building

About Fair Face Building

MG Corporation brings Fair face building is a single component acrylic polymer modified repair mortar for use as a “fairing coat” or cosmetic mortar. When mixed with water, as directed, a fine grey trowel able mortar results
which can readily be applied to fill in pores, blowholes and blemishes on a concrete surface. It an be used as a ‘skim’ coat prior to the application of protective coatings. Specially formulated to produce a shrinkage compensating mortar with no cracking when applied in a thin section <5mm


As a fairing or skim coat to cover and make good blemishes in concrete surfaces such as slight honeycombing, blowholes, defects caused by ‘sand runs’, patch repairs, shutter movement and grout loss. Preparatory treatment to concrete to receive a Thin film protective coating. To produce a uniform surface over repaired areas.


Precision made, consistent results.
Requires only the addition of mixing water.
Shrinkage compensating.
Excellent adhesion to concrete.
Smooth, easily produced finish.
Low permeability
Excellent resistance to freeze / thaw action and
Reduces ingress of water borne salts, such as
chlorides and atmospheric / chemical attack.
Subsequent paint coats can be applied with
greater economy.

fair face building
fair face building


Colour : Light grey
Plastic density : 1700kg/m³
Pull off bond strength ASTM D4541 : 1.5N/mm²

APPLICATION: should be applied to the complete area with the minimum of troweling. Leave for a short period before final troweling. Finishing may be aided by flicking a small amount of water onto the surface, using a paint brush before final troweling.

When used as a “scrape coat”

Can be applied with a brush or roller and then the excess scraped off with the edge of a steel float. In this way blow holes and minor blemishes in an otherwise fair faced concrete can be hidden.


Good curing practice is essential even though is specially formulated to prevent shrinkage and cracking. Particular care isrequired in hot and windy conditions. Cure with a single coat of which is compatible with most subsequent protective coatings, or by covering the work with a properly secured plastic sheeting.


It is essential that the surfaces to be bonded are sound, clean and uncontaminated for preparation of fair face building. All loose powdering material must be removed. Concrete surfaces should be thoroughly soaked prior to application of to ensure a saturated, but surface dry condition.


Formulated to give an easily mixed material. For full bag quantities, it is preferable to mix the material in a Crete angler similar forced action mixer. Alternatively, a slow speed, hand held electric mixer with a suitable paddle can be used. Over mixing should be avoided. When mixing full bags, pour 3-4 liter swatter in the mixing vessel and commence mixing. Add the powder to the water whilst mixing, add water as required to achieve the desired consistency. No more than 7.5 liters of water per 20kg of should be added.


One 20kg bag of will typically yield 16 litres of mortar and will cover approximately 16m² at 1mm thickness.


Tools should be washed with water immediately after use.

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