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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) floors are floors installed with ESD flooring systems to
protect electronics from damage caused by static electricity which accumulates from
What is ESD?

Controlling electrostatic discharge begins with understanding how an electrostatic
charge occurs in the first place.
An electrical charging process begins with a charge which is generated by the
contact and separation of two surfaces. These surfaces can be in the form of solids,
liquids or particles, such as gasses, dust or powder.

What are the Risks?

  • If ESD protection and control is not taken into consideration: 
    Fire and explosions can happen in places where there are explosive
    atmospheres and substances (gas, vapor, spray, liquids, dust, explosives,
  • Devices could be damaged or completely destroyed in places where there are
    electrostatic sensitive devices

It is this potentially unseen, unfelt or unheard ‘micro lightning’ spark that can occur
without warning, which must be prevented or controlled.
When it comes to flooring, a person who walks over a normal floor stores a negative
charge, which may in turn lead to static electroshock. This spark may damage
microelectronic parts or even trigger an explosion.
How Does ESD Flooring Work?

To understand how ESD floors work in reducing the risks mentioned, it helps to understand
conductivity and the inherent electrical resistance of materials.
Check out our knowledge article to learn more about the science behind electrostatic
discharge and how ESD floors really work to “ground” an electrical charge.
Does My Project Need an ESD Floor?
In principle, ESD floors are needed in places with explosive atmospheres and substances
(gas, vapor, spray, liquids, dust, explosives, fireworks).
In industries where electronic components or volatile chemicals are involved, static
electricity can result in significant damage, injury and financial loss. All active electronic
components and equipment, such as microchips, integrated circuits and machinery, are
sensitive to ESD events. Even when areas and people are equipped to handle such static-
sensitive devices, inadvertent contact and damage can still

How to Choose an ESD Floor?

Guide to selection of ESD protection for floors

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