EPU Flooring

EPU Flooring

MG Corporation, the best EPU flooring importer in Bangladesh,is unique as we combine the benefits of both epoxy and polyurethane for EPU floor coating. Epoxy Polyurethane hybrid flooring also known as flexo-hard flooring has a high amount of flexibility along with equally good toughness. Jemkon offers EPU flooring at a very reasonable rate for all industrial and commercial verticals.

MG Corporation EPU Hybrid Floor Coating, epoxy–amine stoichiometry is balanced in such a way that the combined result of the flooring delivers excellent gloss and adhesion of epoxy along with the flexibility of polyurethane.

The EPU chemistry allows the cured floor to be somewhat flexible exhibiting high elongation and high impact strength which is important in applications such as EPU floor coating that require chip resistance. The low viscosity of Epoxy Polyurethane makes them work very well in casting and epoxy self-leveling flooring applications. Also, the chemistry allows low exotherm which further enhances the pot life, which is an important aspect in self-leveling and uniform epoxy floors.

Our EPU flooring consists of resinous material with a combination of filler, which includes resin, hardener, filler, and color. Mixed onsite with a variable speed stirrer and applied within the time frame to avoid the mixed material from getting jelled. These are applied at a thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm, with wide color options available.

We, as a leading Importer EPU Flooring in Bangladesh, will work with you to get the best EPU flooring solution that meets your all needs,while not going over the budget.

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