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Epoxy Anchor Grout

Epoxy Anchor Grout

Touffset EG55 is a multi component anchor cartridge system g based on a high grade epoxy resin with superior chemical and abrasion resistance. Touffset EG55 is having high bond strength to concrete, steel, wood and other available substrates. Its it suitable for dry, damp and wet substrates.


● Solvent and Formaldehyde free

● Chemical resistance and waterproof
● Prevent corrosion
● Shrinkage free and high grab.
● High Load Capacity and Uniform distribution of the load
● Impact and vibration resistant.
● Re usable
● Fire rated
● Excellent adhesion , Suitable for horizontal and vertical applications
● Styrene free
● LEED compliant ultralow VOC Leve

Touffset EG55 is a high strength material with no shrinkage and suitable for anchor grouting in high abrasion, chemical resistance and immersed situations. Common uses are :-
● Fixing to masonry and rock
● Post installation re-bar
● Bonding and Crack sealing applications
● Anchoring structural steals
● Anchors for machinery and cranes
● Fixing of Starter bars, anchor bolts, anchor sockets and threaded studs
● Suitable for extreme temperature variant applications
● Suitable for installation of fence and railing posts, gates, window grills, bathroom fittings, ac units and lights

Hole Preparation Anchor bolt holes should be drilled using air or rotary percussion drilling equipment. If diamond core or non percussive drills are used then sides of the hole must be thoroughly roughened

● Drill hole to the desired correct diameter and depth
● Clean out the hole using a stiff wire or nylon brush and clean compressed air
● Remove the cap and plugs from the cartridge .
● Attached mixer nozzle, place in applicator and dispose the part of the cartridge
● waste until an even color is achieved
● Insert the mixer nozzle to the far end of the hole and half fill the hole. Withdrawing the nozzle as the hole fills. For deep holes, extension tubing can be used
● Immediately insert the fixing. This should be done slowly with a slight twisting motion ● Excess resin should be removed from the mouth of the hole before it sets
● Leave the fixing undisturbed until loading time is elapsed
● Attach the fixture and tighten the nut

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