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Badminton Flooring

Badminton Polyurethane Flooring (Indoor/Outdoor)

Badminton is a sport which is widely played as a leisure sport inside the
residential societies, buildings, school , colleges and in corporate parks.
Hard badminton courts are ideal for such kind of activities.
Product Brief
The granular rubber mat and the self-leveling polyurethane resin based
finish make the surface elastic and resistant and ideal for Badminton. The
system reduces the risks of slipping, reduces muscle fatigue and ensures
better ball bounce thanks to the application by casting which produces a
seamless surface which maintains its technical performance over the
years. The system also ensures excellent acoustic comfort, as confirmed
by specific tests, and is therefore also ideal for heated floor


 Comfort

 Safety
 Seamless design
 Multisport use
 Easy to repair
 Anti-skid
 Economical
 Closed surfaces
 Better cushioning
 Temperature protection
 Less maintenance
 Amateur stadium quality
 Training facilities
 Multi-purpose Courts
 Indoor

 Schools & Colleges
 Clubhouses, Gymkhanas & Hotels
 Corporate Offices
 Residential societies and apartments
Ancillary Works
 Flood lighting
 Fencing
 Cushioning
 Drainage

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