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Standard compliance

HWR400- complies with ASTM C494- as Type A, Type F and Type G depending on the dosage.

HWR400- is a chloride free high performance water reducing admixture based on specially selected and blended organic polymers. It is a brown liquid which can be easily dispersed in water.

• Particularly suitable for increasing workability of ready mixed concrete at elevated temperatures.
• Significantly improve the workability of concrete without increasing water demand.
• Significantly reduce the water demand of a concrete mix without reducing workability, allowing greatly increased early and ultimate strengths without additional cement.

• Reduce concrete permeability and thereby reduce water penetrations and enhance durability

• Appearance Brown liquid
• Specific Gravity (g/cm1.270 1.230 (3 at 25 °C

• pH value 8.0 4.0
• Chloride content (%) Nil
• Air entrainment typically less than %2 additional air is entrained at normal dosages

Typical Dosages

• For high strength, water reduced concrete, the normal dosage range is from 0.50 liters to 1.50 liters per 100 kg of cementitious material, including PFA, GGBFS and micro-silica
• For high workability concrete, the normal dosage range is from 0.50 liters to 1.20 liters per 100kg of cementitious material.
• To meet specific requirements, the dosage should always be determined by trial mixes using the materials and conditions that will be experienced in use.

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